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Ben's Hemp, a site which promotes the value of Industrial Hemp through education, advocacy and by offering hemp products, hopes to create a strong community of hemp advocates and users. By disseminating information about and providing products made of hemp, we hope to expand the understanding of this valuable agricultural product and move to country to a more progressive and sustainable position with respect to agriculture, the environment and personal health and well being.

Ben Droz

Ben Droz is a native of Pittsburgh, PA and a graduate of Goucher College with a specific interest in policy change toward a more progressive political agenda. He is currently the legislative assistant and lobbyist for Vote Hemp, an advocacy organization that deals with sustainable agriculture policy. In this capacity, he has conducted over 100 presentations with congressional staffers and other representatives of Federal agencies, most of them in Capitol Hill offices for the purpose of briefing staffers on the importance of industrial hemp as a farm crop and sustainable agriculture so as to gain co-sponsorship of The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2009 (HR 1866). He has also met with over a dozen legislative directors, and has had the opportunity to develop many strong relationships on Capitol Hill. As a direct result of these efforts, Ben has gained over 60% more legislative sponsors for HR 1866, and raised the level of understanding and commitment about industrial hemp on both sides of the aisle.

In addition to the advocacy efforts, Ben was the lead assistant in the planning and implementation of a "Hemp Pavilion" at the 2009 DC Green Festival, held at the Capital Convention Center and also independently spearheaded the first 'Lobby Day,' which included 22 meetings on the Hill with business owners and constituents for which he confirmed all attendees, scheduled all meetings, prepared all materials, and gave a presentation at the Hemp Industries Association Annual Conference, which included an introduction to citizen lobbying. Ben also does ongoing research to answer specific questions that have been raised, and have planned agendas for and conducts numerous conference calls with grassroots organizers across the country.

Ben Droz continues to work hard to educate people and Congress about the benefits of hemp farming.

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