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Hemp facts
The hemp plant , also known as Cannabis, is harvested for its fibers, seed, seed meal and seed oil. As a variety of the plant species cannabis sativa L. and due to its distinctive leaf shape, hemp is frequently confused with marijuana. Read more.

The difference between hemp and marijuana
Understanding the difference between hemp and marijuana is often difficult. This isn't because the concept itself is a hard one, but rather because it goes against what we have been taught. We have been taught about the evils of marijuana and cannabis and as such we either want it to be legalized so that we can use it. Read more.

The four "F's" of hemp
Industrial Hemp is one of the most versatile agricultural products known, used for it's value in food, fiber (clothing, construction and paper), fuel and for its healthful properties. Rather than hydrocarbons, Industrial Hemp leverages far more sustainable carbohydrates to produce the same energy rich benefits. Read more.

The health benefits of hemp hearts
Have you ever heard of hemp hearts? If not, you are missing out on a very valuable food source. These tiny little seeds offer a nutrition kick unlike any other seed on the market. Hemp hearts are coined the new super food and for good reason. Read more.

The health benefits of hemp oil
Hemp oil is native to Asia and has been used for its medicinal properties for many centuries, dating back to the Ming dynasty. In the west it is only just emerging from controversy because of its unfortunate association with cannabis or Marijuana. Read more.

The legal battle over marijuana use
Marijuana has been illegal for less than one hundred years. Prior to the vicious smear campaigns begun in the 1930's, hemp was world renown and revered. Although the blatant lies and absurd propaganda used to discredit this miraculous plant have been extremely successful, people are rediscovering the potential of cannabis. Read more.

Why the tycoons fear hemp: From drugs to oil
Tycoons fear hemp because it could out compete products in many industries. Marijuana, the psychoactive form of hemp, is truly a medicine that has been mislabeled a drug. Not one death can be attributed to marijuana, a claim not even aspirin can make. Read more.

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